Play-Doh Picnic Shapes Starter Set and Frog ‘n Colors Starter Set Review

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Editor's Review

Take the picnic indoors or outdoors with the Play-Doh Picnic Shapes Set. It comes with 12 starter tools, 6 Play-Doh colors, double-sides play mat and a toy picnic basket that stores the tools. As kids explore basic shapes like squares, circles, and triangles, they can use their imaginations and stack those shapes into Play-Doh sandwiches. Imagine pretend picnic stories with silly snacks and bugs on the picnic blanket side of the playmat or flip it around for fun shapes sequencing activities for kids.

Then there’s an adorable frog who will keep kids engaged with their long silly tongue. It’s the Playdoh Frog ’n Colors set! You get four cans of play-doh, tools and a playmat. Grow a long silly tongue for the toy frog and make Play-Doh bugs with the molds underneath. They can also make lilypads and butterflies with the cutters. Engage them in fun sorting and matching activities by sorting the bugs by color on the playmat.

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Both are great for kids ages 3 and up.


  • Learn about shapes or bugs depending on which set they get
  • They’ll be able to use their imaginations and
  • They can add more play-doh to build on the fun


Playdoh can get messy so make sure to cover the play area!

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