Play-Doh Kitchen Creations Flip ‘n Pancakes and Grill ‘n Stamp Review

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Editor's Review

The Flip ‘n Pancakes Playset includes eight containers of Play-Doh and four different pancake cutter shapes for making star-, circle-, heart-, or cat-shaped pancakes. Use the molds on the bottom of the plates to add fruit decorations to your pancakes or whip up some bacon as a side. You can even mold eggs for a complete breakfast! And use the syrup extruder to add the finishing touch. The handle on the skillet lets you really flip your pancakes, and the spatula, fork, and knife add to the realistic food play.

Get grilling with the Grill ‘n Stamp Playset. Open up the grill to reveal molds of burger and hot dog buns, and space for attaching a skewer of Play-Doh foods. The cutting board doubles as a mold for burgers, fish, hot dogs, and more, and you’ll find even more food molds underneath the plates and on the base and side of the grill. If you put a burger down on the grill and close the lid, the texture of the grill gives the burger grill marks. Six cans of Play-Doh are included, along with a spatula, fork, and knife.

Play-Doh Kitchen Creations Flip ‘n Pancakes and Grill ‘n Stamp

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Making pretend food with Play-Doh is a classic way to play, and kids will love that each of these sets provides realistic tools, from the opening and closing grill to the flipping spatula. There are so many different ways for kids to create with these. They’ll have so much fun roleplaying as chefs and grill masters.

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