Play-Doh Dino Crew Crunchin’ T-Rex and Growin’ Tall Bronto Review

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Editor's Review

Play-Doh play goes prehistoric with new Play-Doh Dino Crew playsets. Mold and play with the Crunchin’ T-Rex and Growin’ Tall Bronto playsets.

The Crunchin’ T-Rex playset is the larger set. It comes with a blue T-Rex that has jaw-chomping action with sound effects, and you can watch the Play-Doh food fall into the dinosaur’s tummy through its clear stomach door. Press down on the dinosaur’s tail to make the dino poop. There are tons of molds all over the T-Rex’s body for creating bones and fossils or just decorating the T-Rex with Play-Doh stripes. There’s also a Pterodactyl stamper that makes Play-Doh dino eggs. And three colors of Play-Doh are included in coordinating dinosaur egg containers.

Growin’ Tall Bronto comes with a Brontosaurus body and removable head so that kids can create a Play-Doh neck for the dinosaur that is really long. Place the body in the dinosaur egg mold, insert the head, close up the egg, lift up the tail, insert Play-Doh into the dinosaur’s butt, and pull down on the tail to extrude up the Play-Doh and raise up the head. A press of the tail breaks open the egg, so it’s like you’ve grown and hatched a baby Brontosaurus. There are accessories and tools for adding spikes and decorative pieces to the neck. And spaces on the dinosaur’s body allow kids to fill in colorful spots and stripes. This includes two colors of Play-Doh in egg containers.

Play-Doh Dino Crew Crunchin’ T-Rex and Growin’ Tall Bronto

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Each of these sets offers a new way to play with Play-Doh that will be especially fun for kids who love dinosaurs. We think kids will like the sound effects that the T-Rex makes, and the pooping feature definitely appeals to kids’ sense of humor. And the growing neck of the Brontosaurus looks really cool and gives kids creative opportunities for design. Putting the Play-Doh into the dinosaur’s butt will also appeal to kids’ humor.

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