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Editor's Review

The Planetarium Projector aims to turn any room in your home into a full planetarium experience! Inside the box, you’ll get the main projector, 3 domes, 4 image discs, and a USB charging cable. The projector is lightweight and compact, allowing you to easily set it up anywhere. Make sure that you have a USB wall adapter, as one is not included. Once you’re plugged in, simply turn the locking ring and install one of the three domes, which display constellations of the northern and southern hemisphere, as well as a general starry pattern. Also, choose one of the four image discs and insert it into the slot. One of our discs was a tight fit, so just exercise caution while inserting them. Lastly, ensure that you have a completely dark room, the more pitch dark it is the better it’ll work. The controls appear simple, but have a good amount of depth depending on the amount of presses. The power button cycles through star map only, image disk only, or both at once. The directional switch controls clockwise, counterclockwise or stop, and the nightlight button has different time intervals from 15 minute shutoff to indefinite operation. The image disc projector can be focused by twisting the wheel. If you want to project against the wall, there’s even a wall hanging bracket and the ability to angle the projector too. This planetarium projector has it all!

Planetarium Projector

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Given the versatility of this planetarium projector, we recommend it! It can be used actively or passively, and there are plenty of display options.


  • It comes with three star domes and 4 image discs.
  • It can be rotated at an angle or wall mounted.
  • The controls are surprisingly robust in terms of options.


  •  The only con is that a wall adapter for the USB-C power cable is not included.

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