Pizza Party Throwdown Review

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Editor's Review

Pizza’s hot! This fast-flying, multi-player face-off game will have you flipping pizza at cheesy speeds! The set comes in a very well made pizza box look, 4 chef pieces, 4 launchers, different pizza toppings like anchovies, mushrooms, peppers, and pepperonis. You also get the pizza base timer, pizza pie plate, the pizza pie cardboard, and the chef decal sheet.

Once you set up the stickers and practice using the chef’s launcher you’re ready to play! There are different modes to play, easy called the “The Supreme Winner”, medium called the “Half and Half” and hard called “By the Slice”. Each mode tells you how much time you get on the timer and how to play.

With the Easy mode each player picks one ingredient and you have 20 seconds to launch all your ingredients on the pizza before the timer runs out. The game ends when the timer pings or when a player has landed all their ingredients on the pizza.

With the medium mode it gets even pickier. This time the pizza calls for half pepperoni and anchovy, half green peppers, and mushrooms. So now it’s not about speed, but accuracy! Each player picks one ingredient and they must land it on their half. Whichever player lands the most topping pieces on the correct quadrant before the time is up wins.

Lastly, it’s the hard mode! Now you have to land your ingredient on only your single color quadrant. You have 60 seconds!

Pizza Party Throwdown

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There are three levels of play. 1 to 4 players can join in on the fun. The toppings are easy to clean and reusable. Best part is that everything cleans up nicely back in the packaging.

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