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Editor's Review

Make 2-D and 3-D pixel art with Pixobitz Studio’s water fuse beads. Using the kit’s 500 beads, tools, and templates, there are endless ways for kids to create. 

To get started, choose a template and place a clear building base on top. Then match up the beads to the colored spaces on the template. You can use the tweezers to pick up the beads or your hands. These beads are easy to pick up by hand, and the cube design means they won’t roll away. Once you have everything in place, set the clear lid on top of the base. It has holes on top that you stick the spray bottle through to easily spray water on the beads. You’ll need to spray six times through each hole. Then remove the lid and add another layer of beads, creating a 3-D look for people, animals, or whatever you choose to create. Once that layer of beads is done, replace the lid and spray again. Now you can add water transfer stickers to add faces and designs to your creations. There’s a special squishy tip tool that helps you place the transfer before spraying it with water. Let your creation dry for 20 minutes before removing it from the base plate, and then let it dry for another 45 minutes, especially if you’re adding extra pieces to the design.

You don’t even have to build characters. You can use some of the accessory pieces to create photo holders and keychains. 

Everything is stored inside the storage cube. Slide the water transfer sticker sheets in the pouch. Organize the beads in the separate compartments. The base plates and lid stack on top. Close up the sides to secure everything and attach the handle, which also doubles as storage space for three of the tools.

The kit includes 500 beads in 10 colors, 14 accessories, more than 100 water-transfer stickers, four tools, two trays, and three template cards.

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This is really a lot of fun and so much easier to do than other water-bead arts and crafts. This kit comes with so many beads and templates to jumpstart kids’ imaginations, and kids will like being able to customize their creations with the water transfer stickers. Best of all, these beads are easy to pick up and stack, providing a satisfying building experience for kids.


Comes with 500 beads
3 double-sided templates
Easy to pick up and stack the beads
Customize creations with stickers
Built-in storage



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