Pix Brix Star Stable Starshine, Mona Lisa, and Girl with a Pearl Earring Pixel Puzzles Review

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Editor's Review

Create works of art with new construction sets from Pix Brix. If you’re not familiar with Pix Brix, this pixel art puzzle brick lets builders create 2-D and 3-D builds with one unique patented piece design.

With the Star Stable Starshine 2 in 1 Pixel Puzzle, kids can pixelate their favorite horse in one of two ways. Either follow the pattern for a 2-D build to hang on your wall or build Starshine in 3-D. Using 3,746 pieces, the essential PB tool, and instructions, fans will dive into the immersive world of Star Stable as they build. The finished 2-D puzzle measures 21 x 25 inches, while the 3-D figure measures 12.25 x 8.5 inches.

Mona Lisa is the fourth addition to the Pix Brix Art series. Using 6,400 pieces, a color-coded template, the PB tool, and wall mounting pieces, builders will have fun recreating Leonardo da Vinci’s masterpiece in pixelated form. The finished puzzle measures 25 x 25 inches.

And the fifth addition to the Pix Brix Art series is Girl with a Pearl Earring. This also comes with 6,400 pieces, a color-coded template, a PB tool, and wall mounting pieces to help builders recreate a pixelated version of Johannes Vermeer’s famous painting. Its final built size measures 25 x 25 inches.

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These larger construction sets may be challenging for kids and adults, especially if you’re new to the Pix Brix system. But the finished designs look really cool and will be fun for fans to hang on display. 


3 new sets to build
Finished designs look great on display & can be hung on a wall
Nice challenge for those who like construction toys


Learning curve

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