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Editor's Review

How hungry are your picky piggies? Find out when you play the pig game Piggy Piggy. The object of the game is to play food cards from your hand to try to steal pigs and score points. 

Each player starts with five cards. On your turn, you can play one type of food card from your hand. That means that you must place all cards of that type from your hand in a faceup stack in front of you. If you have a Goat card, you can also play that. This allows you to discard one food card from another player’s stack. Then, if you have the biggest food stack of any food type, take the matching pig and place it on your stack. You might get to steal a pig from another player, causing them to discard their stack. Next, draw cards from the deck until you have five in your hand again. And if you have any pigs in front of you, you can score points. If any cards in your hand match any of your pigs, you get a point per card. Scored cards get placed facedown in front of you in a separate score pile. The game ends when any player scores eight points. 

The game comes with 108 cards and five pig figures. You can play the game with two to six players ages 7 and up.

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Tacos, donuts, ice cream. The pigs in this game love those foods just as much as you! And you’ll love feeding your pigs when you play this strategic card game. It’s easy to learn and easy to take on the go for family game time any time!


Easy to learn
Silly card illustrations
Strategic gameplay



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