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Editor's Review

Everyone starts out with a white board and marker, with their player piece at the board’s starting space. To start, everyone takes a card and keeps it secret, choosing either a red or blue prompt. Once ready, the drawing begins! The active phone will keep track of time for you. After time’s up, reveal your clues for all to see. Players then use their tokens to vote on whether the AI will guess everyone’s drawings correctly (you can’t use a token on your own drawing). Then it will be judging time! Display your masterpiece in front of the phone (logo side up) on the helpful drawing stand. If the AI correctly guesses a drawing, and you predicted that it would, move forward 1 space! Same deal for if it guesses wrong but you called it in advance. If you incorrectly guess the result, no moving spaces for you, we’re afraid. Continue plays like this until one player reaches the end of the board! Use a damp cloth with the markers and it’ll come off nice and easy! Challenge mode can be activated via your phone, which introduces variations to each round, like using your non-dominant hand to draw, or drawing with your eyes closed. These challenges add some extra fun and excitement to the game, and will keep even seasoned doodlers on their toes. 


On the surface, this is a lot like the Pictionary you know and love, but mechanically, it’s very different! The really nice thing about Pictionary vs AI is that players more gifted at drawing don’t necessarily have as big an advantage. Since the AI is judging your drawing, and you can’t vote on your own drawing, the key to success is way more about visual comprehension than drafting skill. Both professional and novice artists will have a great time here!

Pictionary vs AI

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This game is a ton of fun! It’s much less about drawing prowess and more about visual comprehension and guessing, so don;t let non-artists be put off, encourage them to give it a try!


  • There are 112 clue cards with 2 clues on each.
  • Unlike regular Pictionary, the playing field is much more even with regard to drawing ability.
  • The game website is very handy, keeping track of time and automatically selecting challenges for you.
  • You can customize your game to your specifications.
  • Also, the markers don’t smudge when dry, but remove very easily with a damp cloth.


  • It requires an internet connecting and a smartphone to play.

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