Pictionary Air Star Wars Edition Review

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Editor's Review

Now you can use the force to play Pictionary with the new Pictionary Air Star Wars game. This plays like the original Pictionary Air, only with Star Wars-themed clues and an R2-D2-themed Lightpen. What you draw in the air with the Lightpen shows up in the Pictionary Air app!

You’ll first need to download the free iOS or Android Pictionary Air app and choose “Star Wars” from the main menu. The app walks you through assigning teams and choosing a team droid. Then place your smart device in the phone stand and get ready to play.

The first Picturist draws a card and secretly looks at its five clues. The cards are double-sided with an Easy green side and a Hard red side. (Not all of the clues are Star Wars-themed but most of them are.) The goal is to get your team to guess as many of the five clues as you can. The four general clues on the side are worth one point, while the picture clue is worth two points. You manually keep track of points in the app. After the final round of play, the team with the most points wins. 

To draw, press and hold the Lightpen’s button so the tip turns green, and start drawing in the air. The Lightpen comes with one AA battery. You won’t be able to see what you’re drawing, which makes this game challenging and amusing, although there is a selfie mode in the app if you need to make things easier. The game allows for interaction with your drawings, if you can remember where you drew them. Be sure to pay attention to the games other Dos and Don’ts in the instructions.

You can also cast the Pictionary Air app from your smart device onto your TV using an Apple TV, Chromecast, or similar streaming device. More information can be found at Pictionary.com/support. 

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Star Wars fans will like this themed version of a favorite game. It would have been cool if the Lightpen looked more like a traditional lightsaber, but we’ll let that slide. Drawing in the air is a challenge, but hopefully it’s one that players find amusing. And we can’t wait to see how people draw Queen Amidala, a Porg, and the Holdo Maneuver.


Star Wars theme
Drawing pen looks like R2-D2
Drawing in the air is a fun challenge
New take on classic game of Pictionary



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