Picnic Panic and Block Party Board Games Review

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Editor's Review

Practice belonging, teamwork, strategy, and social skills when you play new board games from Upbounders, a division of Little Likes Kids. Both Picnic Panic and Block Party are printed on eco-friendly paper and feature fun illustrations that show a diverse cast of characters. 

Picnic Panic is a cooperative board game for 2 to 4 players ages 4 and up. Players must work together to collect all six supply cards before the guests arrive at the picnic. This involves taking turns rolling the die, moving around the board, and picking up cards along the way. If you roll a number 6, move the guests one space on the red path toward the picnic. If the guests arrive before you’ve collected all the supplies, your group loses. Reset and try again! The game includes a 20-inch by 15-inch gameboard, an oversized wooden die, five pawns, five stands, and six target cards. 

Block Party is a Chutes & Ladders-style game for two to four players ages 3 and up. In this game, the first player to reach space 100 wins. All players start on space 1, and then take turns rolling the die to move along the board’s numbered path. If you land on a space with a blue spring, you get to bounce to another activity. If you land on an orange arrow, it’s time to go back and cool down. The game includes a 15-inch by 20-inch gameboard, an oversized wooden die, four player pawns, and four stands.

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These are really cute games that are easy for kids to learn. Parents will like that the game pieces are made of eco-friendly paper and that playing these games helps kids develop important skills, such as turn-taking, strategy and decision-making, and more. They will be fun for kids and adults to play together.


Easy to learn

Help develop important skills

Pieces are made from eco-friendly material

Fun for kids and adults to play together



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