Pete the Cat Terrific Taco Game Review

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Editor's Review

Are you ready to make some terrific tacos? Then open up the Pete the Cat Terrific Taco Game. In this preschool game, players compete to be the first to complete three Order Cards. To start, all the Topping Cards get shuffled and placed facedown in a grid in the center of the playing area. Then each player gets dealt three Order Cards, but only one can be turned over. Now players take turns flipping over one Topping Card to see if it matches a topping needed on their Order Card. If it’s a match, that player adds the Topping Card to her taco shell. If not, the card is left face up in the grid. Beware of Grumpy Toad Cards. Those mean that all face up Topping Cards have to be flipped back over.

When a player collects all the matching toppings to complete an Order Card, that player shouts, “Order up!”, puts the Topping Cards back into the grid, and flips over a new Order Card. 

You can play the game with two to four players. The game includes four Taco Shells, 48 Topping Cards, and 20 Order Cards.

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This is a very easy-to-learn game that will be fun for fans of Pete the Cat. The Order Cards have very silly taco orders on them, such as including socks or cupcakes in a taco. Kids will really like playing with the taco playing pieces, too.


Easy to learn
Silly taco toppings
Fun for fans of Pete the Cat



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