PersonaliTease Adult Party Game Review

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Editor's Review

Designed for 4 or more players, The object of PersonaliTEASE is to guess which answers were written by which players .There is a twist, what if someone isn’t answering as themselves but attempts to answer in the “style” of someone else in the game. That’s where it gets tricky and the tease in this game flourishes. Created for ages 16 yrs and up, PersonaliTEASE comes with 144 question cards, 40 scoring sheets, 120 guessing sheets, 600 answer sheets, and 6 pencils. PersonaliTEASE is a great game that can also be played online through video chat. PersonaliTEASE is a fun new party game that will keep everyone guessing “who said that?”

PersonaliTease Adult Party Game

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Participants guess which answers were written by which players. Recognize your friend’s answer and score points by doing so.

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