Peppa Pig My First Puzzles, 4 in 1 Puzzle, and Maxi 24-piece Puzzle Review

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Editor's Review

There are lots of ways for kids to puzzle and play with Peppa Pig. Peppa Pig My First Puzzles, 4 in 1 Puzzle, and Maxi 24-piece Puzzle all feature larger, sturdy puzzle pieces to give preschoolers a satisfying puzzle experience.

My First Puzzles is a collection of four character puzzles. It takes three pieces to make Peppa, four pieces to make Susie Sheep, five pieces to make George and his dinosaur, and six pieces to make Edmond Elephant on a bicycle. These puzzles could also be used to help kids ages 2 and up practice counting. The pieces are very large and easy to put together.

The 4 in 1 Puzzle set, for ages 3 and up, also comes with four puzzles. There is a 12-piece puzzle, a 24-piece puzzle, a 20-piece puzzl,, and a 15-piece puzzle. These pieces, though smaller than the pieces in My First Puzzles, are still larger than traditional jigsaw puzzle pieces, and they are very sturdy. These puzzle pieces are also made using recycled materials.

And the Maxi 24-piece Puzzle uses those jumbo-sized puzzle pieces to create one large puzzle image of Peppa playing outdoors with her friends. These pieces, made from recycled materials, are also easy to put together and sturdy. This puzzle is also for ages 3 and up.

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Peppa Pig fans will like puzzling out the different images of favorite characters. Working with these puzzles helps young kids with fine motor skills and problem-solving skills. Any of these puzzles would make a fun rainy day activity.


3 puzzles to choose from
Helps with fine motor skills
Large and sturdy pieces



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