Peek-A-Roo Panda-Roo and Baby Plush Review

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Editor's Review

Part panda, part kangaroo, this soft adorable plush pet features a magical interactive pouch with a surprise baby reveal and over 150 sounds and actions.

Press Momma-Roo’s foot to make her pouch open and reveal one of three possible mystery babies. You can see, feel, and hear Baby-Roo moving inside the pouch, and encourage her to come out by petting Momma-Roo’s head, tickling her foot, and bouncing her. How you play with Momma-Roo will influence the baby’s mood and how she comes out of the pouch. Her 10 moods include sleepy, bouncy, and playful — each with matching sound effects.

There are more ways to play once Baby-Roo is out of the pouch. Momma-Roo can sense when her baby is near her cheek, on her head or in the pouch, and kids will be able to move Baby-Roo around to see how Momma-Roo reacts.

Momma-Roo and Baby-Roo also play over 10 games and songs. Peek-A-Roo is a version of hide-and-seek; in Catch-Me, baby pops out of the pouch, and you need to grab her before she hides again. In the bouncing game, Baby-Roo makes a bouncing noise a certain number of times; respond by bouncing Momma-Roo the same number of times to win.

Make things musical when Momma-Roo sings a rhythm. You can change the harmony by moving Baby-Roo to the top of Momma-Roo’s head, cheek, or pouch.

When it’s time for a rest, place Baby-Roo into Momma-Roo’s left arm, which will prompt her to sing a lullaby and rock her baby to sleep. When the pouch opens, place the baby inside until it’s time to play again.

Peek-A-Roo Panda-Roo and Baby Plush

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Both Momma-Roo and Baby-Roo are interactive, with games and songs that will keep kids entertained. They’ll also enjoy the surprise reveal element of the mystery baby.

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