Pawvocados and Do You Know Your Peeps? Review

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Editor's Review

Get ready for some fun family game time with two new games from Blue Orange Games. 

The Pawvocado Pets are missing their noses. In Pawvocados, you’ve got to match two halves of an avocado to get their noses back. You’ll need one animal avocado card (dog, cat, or rabbit) that has a shaped pit and one animal avocado card with that empty shape. You collect these cards by rolling the two-piece Avocado dice. You get to draw a Pawvocado card for each die half that lands face up. When you draw a card that completes a pair – a pit and a pulp of the same shape for the same animal – place it face down on top of its match to create a whole Pawvocado. These matches are worth two points at the end of the game. Instead of rolling, you could instead buy an item. Trade in two or three of your face-up Pawvocado cards that are identical but have not been matched for one Item card. Every Item card you get is worth points at the end of the game. The game ends when a player collects her fifth whole Pawvocado. Add up your points to see who has the most. The game comes with 60 Pawvocado cards, 18 Item cards, two Avocado dice, and rules. You can play the game with two to six players ages 4 and up.

Do You Know Your Peeps? tests how well you know your family and friends. To win, you need to win one Question card from each category: Favorites, School, Hobbies, Magic, and Personality. Each round, players take turns as the Guesser. The Guesser chooses a Question card from whatever category they want and reads aloud the question and the three possible answers. Questions might be about where you like to sit at the movie theater or what animal you’d rather be. The other players secretly answer for themselves using their A, B, or C answer cards. The Guesser then has to guess which answer each of the other players picked. The number of players you have determines how many correct answers the Guesser must get in order to win the Question card – it’s basically at least half of the answers. The game comes with 200 Question cards, 27 ABC cards, and rules. You can play it with three to 10 players ages 7 and up. 

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We like the strategy in Pawvocados. You have a choice on how to spend your turn, so do you go for a match or do you try for extra points from the items? Some of it does still come down to the luck of the draw, of course. We think kids and adults will like the avocado dice and the funny animal faces on the cards.

Do You Know Your Peeps? is easy to learn and fun to play because you’re going to learn a lot about the people you play with. Many of the questions are silly, and some of the answers picked may be surprising. 


Pros (Pawvocados)
Strategy of each turn
Funny animal faces
Cool avocado dice

Pros (Do You Know Your Peeps?)
Easy to learn
Many of the questions are silly
You’ll learn a lot about the other players



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