PAW Patrol: The Movie Ultimate City Tower Review

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Editor's Review

When the PAW Patrol heads to Adventure City to save the day, they need a new space to call headquarters. And that’s what the PAW Patrol: The Movie Ultimate City Tower playset brings to life. Straight from the PAW Patrol: The Movie, this three-foot playset has lots of cool features along with six pup figures for playing out the movie’s action.

While all the pup figures have moving heads, the only one who comes with special features is Chase. He’s got a removable pup pack that shoots projectiles, plus Chase’s police cruiser is included. Use the handle to lift the car elevator up, and then pull down the lever to extend the ramp. When the car goes down the ramp, it will activate lights and sounds.

There are more lights and sounds at the top of the tower. Rotate the holographic city map to choose a pup for the mission and hear that character talk while lights flash in that character’s color. Kids can also press the paw print button to activate lights and more character phrases.

There’s a kid-powered elevator for the pups, as well as space for each pup to stand. And a small ramp at the bottom can launch the police cruiser or additional PAW Patrol vehicles (sold separately) into action.

PAW Patrol: The Movie Ultimate City Tower

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This cool and very big playset transports kids into the world of the PAW Patrol movie. Fans will like recreating favorite scenes or imagining all-new adventures for the characters. We really like that all six pups come with the playset, and that the lights and sounds bring the characters to life.

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