PAW Patrol Rocky Reuse It Truck Review

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Editor's Review

Play out Rocky’s “Don’t use it, reuse it” motto with the PAW Patrol Rocky Reuse It Truck. It comes with a Rocky pup figure and two “metal” cubes for the truck to recycle. Start off by loading the blue dumpster with the cubes. Then push the lever to lift the dumpster and drop the cubes into the recycler. From there, you slide the orange lever to push the cubes into the compactor and then out come three tools for Rocky to use. You’ll obviously have pre-loaded the tools so they come out and don’t ruin the magic. The three tools let kids sweep and clean the streets, pick up trash, and fix things. All the tools can be attached to the front of the truck if you remove the blue dumpster.

PAW Patrol Rocky Reuse It Truck

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The features on this are pretty easy for little kids to activate, and they’ll love the magic of the metal cubes being recycled into the tools. They’ll definitely want to play that part over and over again. Of course, they could also try to add their own small toys and trinkets to the recycling play. PAW Patrol fans will like interacting with a favorite character and playing out scenes from the show.

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