Pass the Ball and Slidin’ Toucan Games Review

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Editor's Review

Get ready for game time fun with new children’s games that feature cute animals and exciting gameplay.

Pass the Ball is a Hot Potato game with an inflatable beach ball as the “potato” and a squishy otter playing the music. The game is super easy to learn. Sit or stand in a circle, turn on the music, and start passing the ball. When the music stops, the person touching the ball is out. The music automatically starts back up again, so there’s not much time to argue about who touched the ball last. The game can be played with two to 10 players ages 4 and up.

It’s a race to save the eggs in Slidin’ Toucan. The game box turns into the game board, and players must work together to get Tori Toucan’s eggs to safety. There are four colors of eggs, and each egg is double-sided: one side is a whole egg and one side is a broken egg. You’ve got to get those eggs down to the hiding spots at the bottom of the waterfall. To get them there, choose an egg and place it on top of the Tori Toucan piece with the Whole Egg side up. Now push Tori down the waterfall slide. When Tori and the egg reach the bottom, if the egg is still facing Whole Egg side up, you can match it to an egg on a hiding spot. If the egg falls off and ends up Broken Egg side up, you set it aside and move the Explorer piece forward one spot on the board. Regarding those hiding spots, once one is full, you get to move the Explorer backwards as many spaces as indicated on the Hiding Spot tile. If the Explorer reaches the nest of eggs while there are still eggs inside, everyone loses. But if Tori manages to get all the eggs out of the nest first, then everyone wins. You can also play a different variation where you send two eggs down instead of one. The game comes with a wooden toucan, a wooden explorer, a waterfall slope, 10 Hiding Spot tiles, 28 egg tiles, a board, and an illustrated story. You can play this game with two to four players ages 4 and up.

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Both of these games are very easy to learn and offer excitement in the gameplay. Kids will like the suspense of not knowing when the music will end in Pass the Ball, as well as the sliding action of the toucan and eggs in Slidin’ Toucan. Plus, both games feature cute animal characters, which is always fun.


Easy to learn
Cute animal characters
Exciting gameplay



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