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Editor's Review

Pando is a game best played with four or more players and is for people ages 14 and up. First, give the oldest player the box, as they’ll be the first reader. The youngest player will be the first guesser. Have the reader draw a card and read the questions aloud. If the guesser can answer all three, probing questions about the reader correctly, they earn a point, and the next person clockwise becomes the reader. Example questions include everything from, “have I flown on a plane in the last six months?” to “would I rather never travel or never try new foods?” If the guesser doesn’t get all three correct, both reader and guesser move clockwise. The first player to earn five points wins. If you’re a friend circle guru, then you can do a clean sweep and run away with the game in short order, since each successful point lets you guess again while changing only the reader. Occasionally, you’ll see “show and tell” next to a question, which means the reader will have to show proof of their ability to, say, do a proper push-up, or a convincing runway walk, at the risk of losing a point if they do not. Obviously, rewarding points hinges on the honesty and judgment of the reader. There is a punishment of one point for fibbing, so think carefully before you contest a guesser’s answer.

The game is both fun, and a great opportunity to test your friend trivia knowledge. A handful of cards ask about mortgages and driving. So younger players may have to skip a card or two. Thankfully, you may skip one card per round, as stipulated by the rules. The best part is, no matter who wins, and how quickly, everyone will learn a lot more about each other!

Pando The Trivia Game About Us

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Pando is very fun! It couldn’t be easier to set up and play at a moment’s notice if you think your party could use a group activity. It offers excellent prompts to get fun conversations going. Inside-jokes and funny stories are sure to result from a night of Pando.

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