Otamatone Regular, Deluxe, and Melody Review

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Editor's Review

It looks like a music note with a face. And when you squeeze its cheeks and press the stem, a sound comes out. This is the Otamatone, an electronic musical toy that offers a fun and silly way to make music. 

It’s available in a “regular” size, a larger Deluxe size, and a small keychain Melody size. Not to mention that you can also purchase it in a variety of colors. (The ones in our video review are all white.) Each is sold separately and price varies by size.

So how do you play it? Press and slide your fingers up the touch-sensitive stem to play different notes. Squeeze the Otamatone’s face to change the note you hear to a “wah” sound. Shake the stem for a vibrato. 

The regular version has two volume levels and three octave levels: low, mid, and hi. You’ll need three AAA batteries, which are not included.

The Deluxe version also has volume control, as well as a three-octave switch, but this one also has a 3.5mm jack and a DC5V jack. Plus, you get a strap to wear for carrying the unit while playing. This includes three AA batteries.

Make music wherever you go with the Melody version. This includes a CR2032 battery and a keychain attachment. Use the buttons on the side of the stem to change the octave and select one of 11 built-in songs to play. Every time you press the play button and squeeze the face, a note of the song will play. 

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Should I get it?

Whether you’re a kid or an adult, if you like musical toys or unique toys, then you’ll enjoy the Otamatone. We like that it comes in different sizes and colors, and that all of them are easy to learn how to play. Kids will have fun composing their own songs, and these also make a great addition to other musical instruments.


Different sizes
Lots of color options
Easy to play
Inspire creativity


Not all of the Otamatones include batteries

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