Ooze Labs Rainbow Tie-Dye Lab Review

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Editor's Review

Learn the chemistry of color when you tie-dye socks and scrunchies with the Ooze Labs Rainbow Tie-Dye Lab kit. This comes with just about everything kids need, including things to tie-dye.

The instructions say there are four experiments, but that really just means there are four things to tie-dye: two scrunchies and two pairs of nylon socks. You’ll follow the instructions to wash the scrunchies and socks in soapy water, and then wrap rubber bands around each item. Soak the items in a water/vinegar mixture for two minutes, and then place drops of dye onto the items. Make sure you start with red, then yellow, and then blue. Wrap the container of your tie-dyed items in plastic wrap and microwave for 10 seconds. Then, repeat two more times. Carefully remove the container from the microwave and let cool for two minutes. Then use the tweezers to pick up each item and rinse them off under cold water. Then all you do is let the items dry, and they are ready to wear.

At any point while you are waiting for something, you can read about the chemistry of tie-dye and color mixing in the instructions. This introduces kids to polymers, chemical reactions, and more.

The kit comes with a beaker, tweezers, a pair of gloves, sheer nylon socks (two pairs), two scrunchies, nine rubber bands, two vinegar packets, red dye, blue dye, and yellow dye. You’ll need to provide scissors, water, liquid dish soap, a microwave, a microwave-safe container, plastic wrap, an oven mitt, and newspaper to protect your work surface.

Ooze Labs Rainbow Tie-Dye Lab

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Tie-dyeing with this kit is easy to do. The instructions are easy to follow, and the tie-dyed results look good. We like that this kit includes white items to tie-dye, making it easy for kids to start the science right out of the box. The only thing we wish was different was that the instructions provided more of the science learning as kids are tie-dyeing so they can better understand why they’re doing what they’re doing as they’re doing it.


  • 2 scrunchies and 2 pairs of socks
  • Instructions are easy to follow
  • Introduces science of dyeing and color mixing


  • Science not incorporated into the step-by-step instructions

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