OMG Snuggle Me! Scented Bedtime Buddy Review

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Editor's Review

OMG Snuggle Me is a surprise bag with a random scented plush inside. Open up the sleeping bag to reveal your new surprise scented bedtime buddy! They all stand 10 inches tall, so there’s more to love! They’re ultra soft, cuddly, and each have their own unique yummy scent. The scents include: Watermelon, Birthday Cake, Neapolitan, Pineapple, Blueberry, and Banana. Each one comes with a collector’s guide so you can not only mark off which ones you still need, but get your new pets name, their likes and if they’re special, super rare, mega rare, or ultra rare. All are made with high quality plush materials for superior softness and made to be surface washable.

OMG Snuggle Me! Scented Bedtime Buddy

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They have the surprise unboxing element. They’re soft and cuddly. Smell absolutely delicious and the scent is guaranteed to last for 2 years!

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