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Editor's Review

Okay, Genius is a game where you must try to get as close to the genius’ answer as possible. Inside are 300 prompt cars, a 50 sheet response pad, plus a dry erase marker and board. Everyone gets one sheet and a player is chosen to begin the round as the genius. The genius draws a card and reads the question aloud. This question will always require a number for the answer, such as “How many coffee table books should be in a classy living room?” or “How many different fandoms do you need to be a part of to be considered a big ol’ nerd?” If you’re the genius, write down your honest opinion secretly on the dry erase board. Every other player must then write what they think the genius would say. Everyone reveals their answers at once, and the closest to the genius’ answer gets the card. In the case of a tie, each player with that answer gets a point. Otherwise, you can keep the card to keep tally. Whoever collects the most points/ cards is the ultimate genius!

Okay, Genius may seem narrow at first, with questions limited to prompting numerical answers, but with 300 in total, the cards offer a lot of varied and silly prompts. If you wanted to incorporate house rules, you could even agree to occasionally include words for more humorous gameplay. While 50 sheets doesn’t feel like it will last you a very long time, it’s not like paper is hard to come by.

Okay Genius...

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Although you’ll have to supply your own writing utensils and paper before too long, Okay Genius makes for a fun party game for close-knit groups of friends, specifically. We suggest giving it a try!


  • There are a TON of prompt cards.
  • It has a fun and palatable sense of humor.
  • Depending on the group playing.
  • Some cards have the wiggle room to add word based answers, allowing you to mix things up. 


  • The included paper sheets will only get you so far before you need to bring your own.
  • It’s BYOP, meaning bring your own pencils.

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