Off Topic Adult Party Game Review

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Editor's Review

Your thinking might be a little off as you come up with answers in the game Off Topic, and that’s okay! This is a game where you draw a card to set the topics, roll the die to set the letter your responses must start with, and then race against time to come up with the most unique and accepted answers.

Each player gets a white board, a dry erase marker, and a copy of the game card you’re using for the round. Each round, you’ll use a different game card and roll the die for a new letter.

Once you’ve got your game card and letter, flip the two-minute sand timer and begin writing answers for each topic on the card. Your answers must start with the rolled letter. When time runs out, everyone reads aloud their answers. If two players have the same answer, they don’t count. If your answers are unique, they’ll be accepted, however, your peers are the judge, and they could vote to reject one of your answers if they don’t feel it meets the requirements. The player with the most accepted answers wins that round.

Continue playing until you’ve played five rounds, and the player who won the most rounds wins the whole game.

Off Topic Adult Party Game

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This party game kind of reminds us of Scattergories, so if you’re a fan of that type of creative thinking gameplay, then you’ll like Off Topic. The game is a nice challenge, and it’s always funny to hear the other players’ answers. This would be a nice addition to your next game night.

This is an adult party game mainly because some of the topics could be inappropriate, and, depending on who you play with, the answers might end up being off-color.

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