NFL Giant UNO and Transformers UNO Flip Review

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Editor's Review

Giant UNO, how do we say this…imagine UNO, but MORE. You’ll hold the game box in your hand and think, “oh, the cards must be two stacks of cards half this size, right?” Nope, one stack, BIG cards. They’re difficult to hold, so make sure to play well! Thankfully, Giant UNO has the same rules as regular UNO, but the NFL edition adds a special rule. When playing a special wild “ice the kicker” card, the next player in order must make a field goal with a paper football. If they miss, they draw three, if not, it’s gooooood! The gigantic cards are decorated with yard line markers and the helmets of all 32 teams in the NFL. It may not differ greatly from classic UNO, but the novelty factor is huge. Literally.


Transformers UNO Flip! offers more of a change of pace. In this version, all UNO cards are double sided, with Autobots on one side and Decepticons on the other. Play starts on the Autobot side until a Flip card is played, at which point everyone’s hands and the deck, must be flipped over. Action cards on the Decepticon side offer greater, more extreme penalties and events, like “draw 5” cards, and “skip everyone” cards. These action cards can be very punishing if played strategically, so watch out! Play another Flip card to go back to the Autobot side once more. Eliminate your entire hand to win! The illustrations on the cards show classic characters from the Transformers mythos which will delight fans. But worry not normies, Decepticon colors are shifted to further emphasize which side is in play for those less familiar with the series. Compared to Giant UNO, UNO Flip! Offers enough rule changes to action cards and general play to make it a fresh experience.

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The art and design of each game makes them special experiences, not to mention their unique quirks. Each game will certainly appeal to their respective fandoms, so whether you’re in the market for a gift, or you’re a fan yourself, we recommend these versions of UNO!


  • The huge cards in Giant UNO offer a very silly and novel playing experience.
  • UNO Flip does a nice job of mixing up the rules to keep thing interesting.
  • Both games have very nice design work, bringing a satisfying and fun visual experience for NFL and Transformers fans. 


  • Giant UNO doesn’t bring much new to the table, mechanically.
  • The giant cards, while fun, can be difficult to hold.
  • While the Flip! mechanic is very cool, more casual players might be intimidated by the more extreme penalties while playing the Decepticon side.

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