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Editor's Review

Just because they go to Shadow High doesn’t mean they can’t let their true colors shine. Meet six of the series 2 students from Shadow High, the rival high school of Rainbow High. 

Monique Verbena is a dark purple-skinned doll with long braided purple hair pulled back into two pigtails. She wears a purple layered organza dress with diamond gem belt, purple heeled sandals, and gloves. 

Dia Mante takes purple a shade lighter. Her white hair is glittery, with tones of blue and purple. Underneath her white Shadow High puffer coat, she wears a white Shadow High bodysuit with iridescent shorts. Her glittery mesh leggings take you down to black platform sneakers.

Zooey Electra is a light green-skinned doll with matching hair pulled up into three mini buns. Underneath her white patch-adorned jacket, she wears a graphic T-shirt and seafoam green skirt. Her heels have electrical cords tied into bows on them. 

Rexx McQueen is all black. Underneath his black-and-silver puffer jacket, he wears a black shirt that says “I don’t sparkle. I just have shade.” He wears black denim and black sneakers.

Karla Choupette is light pink, from her long pink hair to her fingerless gloves. She wears a pink-and-white dress with black necktie and silver-and-black zippered boots. She carries a Shadow High fan.

Reine “Glitch” Crowne represents “midnight” in her purple, white, and black fashion. Her black dress has sequins on the skirt and long train. Her colorful leggings are also heels. She wears her dark purple hair pulled into a high ponytail.

Each doll comes with clothes hangers and a doll stand. Plus, the dolls come with a variety of accessories that include laptops, water bottles, cell phones, pretend makeup, and more.

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Just like their Rainbow High counterparts, these dolls have fierce fashions and really cool accessories that help inspire creative storytelling. Whether kids are watching the Shadow High TV series or just love fashion, they’ll have fun collecting these new dolls and playing out all sorts of imaginative storylines with them.


Fun and colorful fashions
Realistic accessories
Six dolls to collect
Imaginative play



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