Nerf Minecraft Pillager’s Crossbow, Stormlander Dart-Blasting Hammer, and Mini Blasters Review

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Editor's Review

The Pillager’s Crossbow has a very simple design, but at a glance, it definitely resembles its namesake from the game. Simply pull back on the priming handle to ready a shot, and pull the trigger to fire. The crossbow holds 3 darts in the front, and it will automatically fire from the next available loaded chamber, so no need to reload every shot! The Stormlander Hammer is much more aesthetically pleasing, with handle detailing, and gilded edges and pixels on the hammer-head. It’s a great toy hammer, but it’s an even better blaster, if you can believe it! Much like the crossbow, it holds 3 darts, but it also has extra storage space for two more darts on the pommel. Pull on the pommel to prime, and press down on the orange trigger to fire. Don’t bring a sword to a blaster fight, bring a hammer instead. Last up we have the three mini blasters. The deco on these blasters is very charming, and a cute homage to each Minecraft creature. Pull down on the handle to prime, and fire as you would expect. I was impressed, these blasters fire with as much force as the Crossbow and Hammer. Each mini blaster comes with two darts. My favorite of the 3 is definitely the Ender dragon, because you can store the extra dart on the horns, very convenient!

Nerf Minecraft Pillager’s Crossbow, Stormlander Dart-Blasting Hammer, and Mini Blasters

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All three products are great fun! The Stormlander Hammer offers the best balance of aesthetics and play value. The Pillager’s Crossbow has the best hand-feel, but the least exciting paint application. The mini blasters have the coolest and most varied decoration, but are also the least imposing blasters in size. Overall, there is a good choice for everyone’s preferences!

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