Nerf Hyper Rush-40, Siege-50, and Mach-100 Blasters Review

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Editor's Review

If you’ve got the need for speed, then you need Nerf Hyper. Three different blasters are engineered for velocity, firing rounds at up to 110 feet per second. These new Hyper rounds have an innovative design and more of a rubbery material that maximizes speed. They’re round like Nerf Rival ammo but about 1/3 of the size, which means you can fit more of the Hyper rounds into the blasters.

The Nerf Hyper Rush-40 is the smallest, but that doesn’t mean it’s small in capacity. It includes 30 rounds with the capacity to hold 40. To fire this one, you load it, move the priming handle backward and forward, and press the trigger.

The Siege-50 is also a pump-action blaster that comes with 40 Nerf Hyper rounds and the ability to hold 50. To fire one round, you pump the priming slide and press the trigger. Or you can fire all the rounds fast with slam-fire action.

And the Mach-100 is a motorized blaster, which means you’ll need 6 D batteries. It comes with 80 Nerf Hyper rounds and can hold up to 100. Flip up the front sight to take aim, press the rev trigger to start the motor, and then press the trigger to fire.

You’ll also get to reload faster thanks to large hoppers and reload canisters, sold separately, that attach to the Tactical Rails. Each blaster has two Tactical Rails.

Each blaster also comes with safety goggles, despite the Hasbro website saying that protective eyewear is not included. If you want something a little fancier, they do sell Hyper Face Masks in two colors for team battles.

Nerf Hyper Rush-40, Siege-50, and Mach-100 Blasters

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We weren’t able to measure the speed of each round fired, but it’s clear to see with the naked eye that these blasters are powerful and fast. They have a cool design, come with a lot of ammo, hold a lot of ammo, and will be a fun addition to a Nerf fan’s arsenal.

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