Nerf Elite 2.0 Motoblitz CS-10 Blaster Review

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Editor's Review

The Motoblitz Blaster is for NERF enthusiasts 8 years and up, and will require 4 of your own AA batteries to get working. This blaster is a work of art, covered stock to barrel in molded detail. The warped ripple effect on the Motoblitz logo and the hollowed cutouts near the barrel are nice highlights. There is a mixture of smooth and matte textures in the perfect marriage of form and function. Also, this blaster retains the teal and orange color scheme of the Elite 2.0 series, so it will fit right into the rest of your collection.

Once the batteries have been installed, fill the clip with 10 darts and load the blaster, also, place 6 darts in the front for later. Hold down the acceleration button to start the motor, and press down the trigger to fire a single dart. You can keep on firing in semi-automatic fashion, without any need to prime! Impressively, the scope is actually quite helpful, as the Motoblitz is quite accurate in this firing mode. If you ever get a jam, there is a small door where you can fix the issue. Now let’s pivot over to the 2nd firing mode. Prime the pump 8 times and press the orange button to fire and Air Blitz style shot. This will fire all 6 darts at once like a buckshot. Perfect for point blank devastation when you’re caught off-guard, this mode is far less accurate, but much more overwhelming for your unfortunate opponent. In total, you get 22 darts, leaving 6 extra darts.

Nerf Elite 2.0 Motoblitz CS-10 Blaster

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Should I get it?

The two firing modes and high accuracy make the Nerf Elite 2.0 Motoblitz CS-10 Blaster a worth addition to the Elite NERF lineage. Pick one up if you’re a blaster fan!


  • The aesthetics are top notch.
  • The weight and hand feel are satisfying.
  • There are two firing modes.
  • The motorized blast mode is accurate, and the scope is highly functional as a result.
  • The Airblitz firing mode is also very unique and novel.


  • Lack of included batteries necessary for the blaster to function.
  • 8 pumps for the Airblitz firing mode is slightly demanding.

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