Nerf Easy Play Elite Jr. Blasters Review

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Editor's Review

The primary draw and concept of the Elite Junior line is the fact that they’re designed for kids age 6 and up, a good 2 years younger than the average NERF blaster. The industrial design demonstrates this clearly, with funneled barrels for easier reloading, easier priming mechanics that require less arm strength, oversized scopes, clever distribution of color to subtly indicate interaction points, and overall far lighter blasters. The color scheme across all blasters is a bright, friendly and appealing family of blues and greens, with a smattering of complimentary orange. 


Alright, let’s take a look at the individual sets! Starting small, the Flyer is a light, single shot, handheld blaster with a pullback style primer. It comes with 5 darts, but has room to store up to 9. If you thought that the Junior line fires less far or hard than traditional NERF blasters, make. NO. Mistake. These blasters fire a formidable distance and at a very quick speed. Safety goggles are still recommended! Thankfully, the NERF darts, as always, are well made and soft, for safety. Next we have the Explorer, which is similar to the Flyer, but with a key difference. It sacrifices storage space for convenience, allowing you to fire four darts without needing to reload! Just prime and fire up to four times. The Explorer includes 8 darts. Now for the Ultimate Starter Set. The Starter Set includes 15 darts, as well as the Cadet and Scoutfire blasters. Appropriately this is the sampler platter of the line, introducing kids to both the pullback and pump styles of priming on the Scoutfire and Cadet respectively. The Scoutfire is single shot, while the Cadet can fire two before needing to reload. No extra storage for ammo unfortunately, make sure you have pockets. Lastly, let’s look at the Rookie Pack, which includes a whopping 32 darts, four standing targets, and the Rambler blaster. This is my personal favorite, as it not only has an added light blue cover, but stores 8 darts, is pump primed, has a rotating chamber, letting you fire all 8 without needing to reload. We also like the aiming reticle the most on the Rambler. The targets can be stacked, and split apart when hit, for an even more satisfying target practice experience. One last compliment we have for all of the blasters is that they’re quire accurate, like, especially so! Color us impressed.

NERF Elite Junior 780 x 780

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Should I get it?

Absolutely. This new Elite Junior line of blasters is a rousing design success on many levels. They aren’t just great blasters for younger kids, they’re great blasters, period.


  • The colors are bright and appealing.
  • They fire a good distance.
  • They’re very accurate.
  • They all come with extra darts.
  • They are well designed in nearly every way for younger NERF enthusiasts, from weight, to molding, and even color distribution. Nothing is an accident, and everything is well thought out.


  • Most blasters don’t have extra dart storage, with the exception of the Flyer.

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