Nerf Command Base Battle Fort Review

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Editor's Review

There’s nothing better than running around your backyard battling with Nerf blasters, but with the Nerf Command Base Battle Fort, you can turn your backyard into the ultimate Nerf battle arena. This outdoor playset has a lot of Nerf features, from spinning targets and defense shields to storage space for your blaster arsenal. Get ready or easily reload in the prep area, which features a mesh bag for storing extra Nerf darts. Run up the gangplank or the swaying bridge to get to the dome tent that provides protection from the competition. Or climb the two rock walls and exit quickly through the escape trap door.

Nerf Command Base Battle Fort

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This is definitely going to be a welcome addition to the backyard of any Nerf fan. We like that kids can use it for target practice or run and climb on it during a blaster battle. There are so many elements on this playset for kids to explore, encouraging them to plan strategic missions and engage in imaginative play.

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