Neonate Babies NeoEmoshion Baby Dolls and Accessories Review

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Editor's Review

The NeoEmoshion baby dolls are always happy to see you. Each of the three dolls in the line lights up and vibrates when you tickle or kiss their foreheads. Hoorai Phillin, Happy Phillin, and Gud Phillin love reacting to your touch and love being close together. So if you’ve collected more than one doll, place them side by side so that they touch and watch their tummies light up. Look inside their glittery translucent tummies to see what type of “emoshion” icon is inside. The dolls have poseable legs, arms, and a head.

Each doll comes with a pacifier and Neo-mobile cart that doubles as a charging station for the dolls. If you see your NeoEmoshion with little energy or no emotion, that means it’s time for a charge. You can also fill out your doll’s birth certificate, ID card, and vaccination record.

For more play, pick up some NeoEmoshion Couture. These headbands and outfits are the perfect look to make your NeoEmoshion baby the star of the runway.

You can also pretend to feed your NeoEmoshion baby with the Yummy Kit. It comes with a light-up baby bottle and a container of Yum Yum, a very messy and slimy substance. You’re supposed to “feed” this substance to the baby by rolling it into a small ball and holding the ball close to the doll’s mouth, but not on the face. Apparently, these baby dolls eat through micro-neoabsorption or a method known as “closie-close up”.

Neonate Babies NeoEmoshion Baby Dolls and Accessories

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While the act of taking care of a baby doll is fun and encourages nurturing play and creative roleplay, the added feature of the lights and vibration didn’t do much to enhance any of that play. To be honest, the vibration was loud and kind of annoying. We expected there to be more interaction for the cost.

The accessories are fun, but that Yum Yum stuff is going to be a parent’s worst nightmare. Despite the instructions telling kids not to, they’re going to put it all over the doll’s face.

This is a very unique baby doll line because the dolls, being creatures from outer space, don’t have a human baby look. But they are cute and kids will enjoy caring for them.

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