Neonate Babies Aquanerlie Blup Blup Babies Review

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Editor's Review

One of the Nerlie species coming from Neonatopia is expanding, with new Aquanerlies that are ready to be adopted by kids all over the world. Meet Aquaminee, Aquamaree, and Aqualily, who make up “Generation X-clusive” and are all different colors. This new collection is different from the Nerlies we introduced you to last year. These have defining features- sparkly fins and horns. Once kids place the brightly colored Bl-eggs in cold water and the babies hatch from their shells, kids can care for the Aquanerlies using an ocean-themed pacifier, a diaper, and a special diaper surprise that comes with each kit.

Neonate Babies Aquanerlie Blup Blup Babies

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There are 3 to collect. They all have fun accessories included and it’s a way to teach kids how to care and nurture their new friend.

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