NeeDoh Chicka DeeDoos and Mellow Marble Egg Review

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Editor's Review

The first thing that’ll strike you about these products are the boxes. The graphic design is pleasantly reminiscent of the 1960’s, with bright vibrant colors and very groovy typeface. Starting with the Chicka DeeDoos, these little ones come with a wavy egg shapes base, as well as a soft baby chick squish. The chicken is very cute, having a simplified look, and key little details like a cowlick, wings, beak and feet to get the adorable look across. 

Squeezing is satisfying, as the stretched membrane grows more transparent and lets you see the foamlike filling inside. Our reviewer personally prefer the Mellow Marble Egg. The gradient is very pretty, and the stretchy outer layer has glitter imbedded inside, which adds even more to the look when you squeeze it. It’s super pleasing to roll it around in your grip and watch it morph.

Needoh Chicka DeeDoos 780 x 780

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NeeDoh Chicka DeeDoos and Mellow Marble Eggs make for nice, time gifts for springtime holidays. Kids and adults who enjoy fidget toys will get a kick out of these.


  • They’re soft, very malleable, and fun to look at. Thus, they’re engineered to be as pleasant to handle as possible.
  • The Chicka Deedoos come with a nice base.
  • The Mellow Marble eggs are simply beautiful with their gradients and glitter.


  • The filling, while nice to look at, is a bit simple. The stretchy outer layer does most of the heavy lifting visually.

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