Nee Doh Stress Toys Review

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Editor's Review

The good old Nee Doh ball, where it all started is one simple color offering squeezable fun. New colors, patterns, and sizes include the Crystal Squeeze Nee Doh, which gleams, glimmers, and glistens in your grip. It’s an iridescent wonder that will mellow your mind. Next, with Color Change Nee Doh, watch it change color when you squeeze it. Or there’s Glow in the Dark Nee Doh — place it under light then take it to a dark room to see the magic.

Teenie Nee Doh are miniature versions of the Groovy Glob. Squeeze one, two, or all three — or share them with friends. Shaggy Nee Doh takes it back to the 70s with a textured shaggy surface.

Cool Cats Nee Doh provides squishy fun with distinct cat features and shape.

Maybe fruit is more your thing? Nee Doh has got you covered with the Groovy Fruit! Boss Banana, Outta Sight Strawberry, and Far Out Orange will help you mellow out!

Nee Doh Stress Toys

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These are soft, squishy, and very stretchy, making them the perfect fidget toy for kids and adults.

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