Naturalistas Penny and Paige Review

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Editor's Review

Let’s begin with Penny! She’s part of the Naturalistas Pixie Puff Collection. This collection is designed to celebrate short hair and chic style. Penny rocks her afro puff, color-dye outfit, crossbody bag and shoes.

There’s also Paige! She’s very stylish and will turn heads! Paige wears a chic silver glitter-knit dress, hoop earrings, and carries a pink purse with matching heels.

The box also gives you details on who Penny and Paige are. You get their own personal motto, hairstyle name and the hair type! It’s a great way to get more details on your new doll and continue her imaginative fun at home!

Price Check


Should I get it?

These are great for kids ages 3 and up! 


  • Both dolls are 11-inches, making them the same height of other dolls you may have at home
  • These help other kids to love themselves because they might look like them
  • You can play and style with the hair and
  • There is some articulation


Yes there is articulation to the dolls, but not as much as we would like to really have.

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