Narwhal Bristle Dartboard, Revolution Electronic Dartboard, and Dartboard with Cabinet Review

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Editor's Review

Let’s start with the Kingston Bristle Dartboard. You get the dartboard, 6 metal darts, and the tools to hang it on the wall. Instructions are quite simple, and the board has bumpers to avoid damaging the wall with percussive force. This bristle board looks great. The numbers are bold and easily readable from a distance, and the wire frame delineating the different areas is aesthetically pleasing. Since this is bristle, you’ll have no problem sinking a dart into the board. Just make sure you mount it on a sturdy wall, as there is not any wiggle room if you miss entirely.

Next up we have the Revolution Electronic Board. This dart board is made of hard plastic and is perforated with holes, which catch the darts upon contact. The darts are partially metal but have plastic tips, which means they’re more susceptible to bending. The cool feature here is the electronic score-keeping. Based on which section you hit, the board will automatically tally your score. You can set up to 8 players in a game, though you do only get 6 darts. Now and then, the darts won’t stick into the board, but if you hit the board straight on, it will still count it as a hit.

Last, but certainly not least, we have the Belmont Bristle Board and Cabinet. This is a formidable board! Cosmetically, the target itself has a strong resemblance to the Kingston board, but the Belmont Board board has wire numbers and differently printed names. The wire numbers are way cooler, but they are harder to register from a distance. The cabinet is made of sturdy dark finished wood, and comes with dart storage, chalkboards, an eraser, and all the tools you need to mount it on the wall. Speaking of, the instructions seem to show an earlier version that had you install the cabinet and target separately, but the final product has them screwed together into one. Oh well, it’s easier that way! You’re going to want to find studs in the wall for this board, since it is heavy. If you can’t though, you do get drywall anchors.

Narwhal Bristle Dartboard, Revolution Electronic Dartboard, and Dartboard with Cabinet

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All three of these dart boards are fun to use for different reasons. The electronic board keeps track of your score for you, the bristle boards are satisfying to play with, and the cabinet has a very deluxe feel.

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