Nanoblock Christmas Wreath, Space Collection, and PAD Mini Review

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Editor's Review

Whether you want to build small or big, there’s always a fun building experience with Nanoblock. New sets this year include the Nanoblock Christmas Wreath, Space Collection blind bags, and a PAD Mini.

The Christmas Wreath is a 580-piece build of a holiday wreath with a Santa Claus figure popping out of a chimney at the bottom. Atop the wreath hangs a bow and a bell. It sits out on display or you can hang it.

Open up the Space Collection mystery bag to find out which of six space-themed builds you get. You might find an orange astronaut, an astronaut, an alien, a rocket, a UFO, or a satellite. Each one measures about 2.5 inches tall when built.

And the PAD Mini gives builders a place to build and display their Nanoblock creations. It’s easy to build right on top of this rubber mat.

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Should I get it?

Building with Nanoblock’s tiny blocks is a challenge, one that some builders might find tedious and annoying, especially when the build isn’t sturdy and keeps falling apart, as was the case with the Christmas Wreath. The UFO from our Space Collection mystery bag turned out well, though. The good thing about these kits is that they offer something for everyone ages 12 and up. 


Christmas Wreath can be displayed
Space Collection is a building unboxing
PAD Mini offers building and display space
Building with these tiny blocks is a nice challenge


Building with these tiny blocks is also tedious
Instructions were often difficult to follow
Christmas Wreath was not sturdy

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