Nano Crafts Nano Tape Mix Set Review

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Editor's Review

If you’ve seen those cool viral Nano Tape videos on TikTok and YouTube, and you want to make some of your own Nano Tape crafts, then check out the Nano Crafts Nano Tape Mix Set. You can get this with clear Nano Tape or colored tape, and along with the tape, each set also includes six fun mix-ins, two straws, and instructions.

To start, you’ll cut a rectangular piece of Nano Tape, then roll it and seal one side. Seal another side, and make sure one side is left open so you can pour in some of the confetti mix-ins. Insert a straw at the edge of the opening, and seal the remaining open edge. Now trim the excess Nano Tape to give it a rounded edge. Peel off the plastic sheet from the outside of the Nano Tape, and blow air into the straw to inflate the Nano Tape. It should puff up into a bubble. Remove the straw, pinch the hole closed, and play. You can even add a face with a permanent marker.

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The instructions for this seem really easy until you actually sit down to make one. After a handful of attempts, and a sticky, confetti mess, neither a 7-year-old nor an adult could figure out how to make this into a bubble. Now, what’s weird is that if you go to the Creative Kids YouTube channel and watch their tutorial video, it takes you through a completely different order of steps. But we still couldn’t get our Nano Tape bubble to inflate when we tried this new way. Someone on the internet said that you needed to heat the Nano Tape for 30 to 60 seconds before inflating, so we tried that, and we actually got the bubble to inflate. But then it deflated as soon as we tried to remove the straw. So, overall, this was just really disappointing.


Comes with a lot of Nano tape
Comes with 6 mix-ins
Plays off of a popular internet trend


Instructions in the kit are different from those in the tutorial video
Hard for kids and adults to do

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