Na! Na! Na! Surprise Glam Series 2 Dolls Review

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Editor's Review

There are 5 new dolls to collect with all new animal themes to them. We’ve got Erika Featherton, Tabitha Nekota, Gianni Wilde, Mallory Duckington, and Liling Luck. Each package comes with a soft, 7.5″ fashion doll and metallic fabric purse with a clip to attach to a backpack.

Let’s check out Mallory Duckington who is glammed out with duck-inspired outfit and accessories. Mallory has beautiful long and wavy greenish-blue hair. She comes with printed face and clothing details and gorgeous fashions. She is dressed up in a multicolor trenchcoat with belt, cropped t-shirt with duck screenprint, plaid woven skirt with molded safety pin charm, buckle ankle boots, and cap with sculpted silver “NANANA” letters and gold brim.

Na! Na! Na! Surprise Glam Series 2 Dolls

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There are different animal themed dolls to collect. They’re soft to the touch. All have great attention to details and you can clip the purse to a backpack.

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