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Editor's Review

Mystery Train is a game for 2 to 6 players ages 10 and up. You play as a group of detectives investigating a crime scene on a train, eliminating bits of evidence to eventually solve the mystery. To set up, ideally, place the game board pieces end to end. However, this is a bit long and narrow, so you can also set up in semi circles or side by side. Next, separate out and shuffle the various evidence decks which include, Suspects, Locations, Motives, Victims, and Weapons. Take one card from each pile without looking, and, while keeping them face down, hide them underneath the train. Lastly, each player is dealt one of each type of card. Players may look at their cards, but keep them to themselves. If less than 6 players are playing, place the remaining cards face down on their respective train car. Select your player token, take a sleuthing sheet, and begin the game!

First, mark off the evidence from your secret cards on your sleuthing sheet to eliminate them as possibilities. The youngest player rolls first, and moves to a train car depending on the number rolled. If there are cards present, you can draw one. If other sleuths are there, and no cards are left face down, you can interrogate them, meaning they show you any relevant cards face down, you pick one, note the information on your sheet, then give it back. In 6 player mode, no extra cards are present, so you will inevitably interrogate someone. Mark down any new bit of evidence you get on your sleuthing sheet, and try to figure out the components of the crime by process of elimination. A player can attempt to guess the details at any time, calling their guesses in advance. They then check the cards under the train. If they’re correct, they win! If not, they put the cards back, show their own hand, and drop out of the game. Play then continues until one player solves the crime! 

The illustrations on this game are full of personality and quirk, but thanks to a very purple and blue heavy color palette, the moody atmosphere is still maintained. We hope you like puns though. And just a word of warning, these are dad-level puns. As connoisseurs, we would know.

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Should I get it?

If you have young board game enthusiasts in your household, definitely consider picking this up. This is also a good option for adult game night if the vibe calls for something more mechanically simple and easy to play.


  • The illustrations are whimsical and moody in the right way.
  • The game is not only fun with low or high player count, but plays very differently with each.
  • You get tons of double-sided sleuth sheets and 6 pencils included.


  • This may be chalked up to preference, but the strategy in the game is less abstract. It’s more about procedural information management and a bit of memory.

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