My Squishy Little Dumplings Mystery Characters Review

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Editor's Review

These adorable interactive characters have BIG personalities and the cutest accessories to match. There are four to collect, and we got Dee and Dot. We also have a My Squishy Little Cotton Candy Cloud named Coco. When you squeeze their cheeks, their unique personalities will pop out. These squishy interactive toys have over 50 reactions, light-up cheeks, and cute sounds. Dress them up, tickle them, shake them, and toss them. They even have a tiny color change reveal! They come in nice packaging, with small reveals in each fold where you can learn about your dumpling, find out what their color change mood means, how to reveal their body, a QR code, and more.

My Squishy Little Dumplings Mystery Characters

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This sensory toy is amazing, squishy fun. It provides a tactile experience and kids can have some fun imaginative stories.

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