My Squishy Little DJ Mel Mix-A-Lot Review

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Editor's Review

Your favorite member of The Squish, Mel the Marshmallow, just got remix. Mel the Marshmallow is just that and adorably delicious marshmallow who comes with a pair of glow in the dark glasses and a chocolate bar remote. Now, remixes are always fun and this time around there are two ways to play; DJ Mode and Character Mode.

In DJ Mode, tap a beat on Mel’s head and record a vocal track, then watch as he plays the mix track back for you. Edit your tracks with the chocolate bar remote and choose from different sound effects. In Character Mode, DJ Mel Mix-A-Lot is your very own microphone. Record your voice, then change it up with silly voice filters that adjust your playback speed. Discover over 50 reactions; he lights up as you play and says the cutest phrases. Complete Mel’s DJ look with his glow in the dark shutter glasses, turn the lights off and watch them glow!

My Squishy Little DJ Mel Mix-A-Lot

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Should I get it?

This is great for kids ages 5 and up!


  • Easy to use remote
  • Kids can get creative
  • There are over 50 reactions to discover
  • It’s small enough to take out and about


  • It’s a little tricky in both modes to get him to record your vocals.

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