My Little Pony Sunny Starscout Sparkle Reveal Lantern Review

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Editor's Review

This toy includes a 3-inch Sunny Starscout orange pony figure with a character-inspired shooting star Cutie Mark on one side. She is poseable with plastic pink hair in her signature braid style. There are 15 surprises for kids to uncover! Twist the lantern key to reveal crystal-shaped containers and the surprise accessories hidden inside! There are 8 crystal-shaped containers and 15 surprise accessories! Kids will be able to combine the crystal-shaped containers to create a necklace for kids to wear around their neck! And wait, there’s even more fun! Place the crystal-shaped pieces over the light inside the 12-inch-tall lantern to change the color of its glow. The lantern lights up when you turn the key, and comes in a variety of colors!

My Little Pony Sunny Starscout Sparkle Reveal Lantern

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Tons of accessories are included for repetitive play. You can change the color of the lights and the lantern creates fun figures on the walls when the lights turn off.

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