My Little Pony Musical Mane Melody Review

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Editor's Review

Musical Mane Melody is a 2-in-1 playset with pony-activated lights and sounds. The set includes accessories and 3 figures: Sunny Starscout, Princess Petals, and Sparky Sparkeroni the baby dragon. As mentioned, this is a 2-in-1 playset- on one side is a salon with a pretend mane-dryer, closet for storing accessories, and a pretend rainbow mirror. Open the other side to discover a pretend karaoke stage with lights and sounds. To activate music, press the “play” button, or plug ponies into the stage. Each Hoof to Heart character will activate unique lights and music! Look for Cutie Mark Magic ponies (sold separately) and more to activate different lights and music!

My Little Pony Musical Mane Melody

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This toy plays parts of 4 different songs, and you can collect more ponies to activate for lights and music. The included accessories and the 2-in-1 feature add to the fun.

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