My Fuzzy Friends Magic Whispers Kitty Review

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Editor's Review

Magic Whispers may be meowing, but only you know what she’s really saying. Just press the cat’s crystal heart against your forehead to hear her secret inner voice. There are more than 100 secret phrases and sounds. The toy requires three AAA batteries, which are not included. 

There are three ways to play with the kitty. Squeeze the cat’s left ear to toggle through the three play modes. In Secret Cat Chat, press and hold the kitty’s crystal heart against your forehead to hear a special message. In Fortune Teller mode, ask any “yes” or “no” question, and press and hold the kitty’s crystal heart against your forehead to hear the answer. And Witty Kitty mode features your cat asking you riddles. Press and hold the crystal heart against your forehead to secretly hear the answer. You can also press and hold the cat’s heart to hear her do something unexpected. Afterwards, press and hold your head against the crystal heart to secretly hear her reaction. If you want to make your kitty sleep, squeeze and hold the left ear for several seconds. To wake up the kitty, press the heart or the left ear.

There are three Magic Whispers kitties to collect, and each is sold separately.

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How does this work? It uses bone conducting technology, similar to what underwater divers use. This brings a magical quality to the toy. It’s really surprising to hear the cat deliver a message that only you can hear. Kids will have fun nurturing their Magic Whispers cat and secretly communicating with their plush pet.


3 cats to choose from
100+ phrases and sounds
Hearing secret messages is magical
Imaginative play



Batteries are not included

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