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Editor's Review

It’s not just big kids that get to have their own smartwatch like Mom and Dad. The My First Kidi Smartwatch helps preschoolers care for themselves and learn how to tell time. The watch face looks like a dog, giving kids a wrist pet to care for, too.

Let’s get to know the smartwatch. On the front, you’ve got a touchscreen, and around the touchscreen is a ring light. On the left side is the home button. On the right side, you’ve got a USB charging port, microphone, and clock button.

So what do you do with all of that? Well, when the screen is off, you can press any button to check the time. Swiping left or right changes the look of the clock face. There are more than 20 analog and digital clock faces. If you double tap the clock face, you’ll hear the current time. And swiping from the top or bottom of the screen brings up three icons. Tap Speak Time to hear the current time, tap the volume icon to change the volume or mute the watch, and tap the light icon to turn the ring light on or off and change its color.

Pressing the Home button takes you to the Home menu with a variety of games and activities. Pet Mode allows you to interact with your pet’s expressions and reactions when you tap the screen, and you can feed your pet in Feeding Time and give your pet a bath in Wash Time. Select Take a Walk to play jump rope or take pictures of butterflies while on a digital walk with your pet. Training lets you teach your dog tricks, and Silly Talk is a feature where your pet repeats what you say.

The Games section includes three games: In Doggie Jump, you help your pet cross the river. Guess which basket the toy is hiding under in Sneaky Toy. And find the image that looks different from the others in Odd One Out.

If you know someone else with a My First Kidi Smartwatch, you can connect the two smartwatches so that kids can play three connected activities. (We were unable to show this feature in our video review because we only had one watch.)

Other activities include practicing telling time in Time Master, tapping an icon in Feelings & Emotions to show how you’re feeling, doing deep breathing exercises in Balloon Breathing, and listening to music or nursery rhymes in Music Player. Parents and kids can also set an alarm and a timer, as well as daily reminders for things such as brushing teeth, going to the bathroom, and taking a nap.

It comes with a USB cord for charging. Make sure the power switch is set to On before charging. Charging takes about 3.5 hours.

The watch is available in blue, pink, or green. The watchband is adjustable.

My First Kidi Smartwatch

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This smartwatch packs a lot of play! Little ones will like wearing their very own smartwatch, just like parents or older siblings. Kids will also like that there are so many different activities and games to play. Whether helping kids stay on track, learning how to tell time, or caring for a virtual pet, this watch will keep kids entertained and engaged.


  • 20+ analog and digital clock faces
  • 20+ interactive games
  • Help kids tell time
  • Set daily routine reminders
  • Connect the watch & play with a friend
  • Preschoolers will feel grownup


  • None

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