My First Car, Bead Maze, and 2 in 1 Stacking Game Review

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Editor's Review

Explore the world with Bababoo and all of his friends when you play with the eco-friendly Bababoo and Friends toy line.

There are several different My First Car toys, including Bababoo’s Racecar, Wilma’s Ambulance, and Pippa’s Flower Bus. When you open each box to retrieve the wooden vehicle, the box turns into a mini playset. A Play Manual introduces parents to the different characters and provides ideas for playing together with their child. These ideas include reading aloud the story and incorporating the game ideas on the Play Tales card. Each vehicle has real rolling wheels and is made from FSC-certified beechwood. 

There are two Bead Mazes to choose from: Miss Mali’s Joyride and Wilma Loves to Swim. Miss Mali’s Joyride rocks back and forth, and kids can slide the car back and forth, too. Move the six beads, including a happy cloud face, from one side of the bead maze to the other. Kids can practice stacking with Wilma Loves to Swim. Place the wooden gear down first and stack Wilma the whale on top. Then spin the gears to watch Wilma spin. This Bead Maze also has six beads, including a fish, to move from one side to the other. Both toys, made from FSC-certified plywood and beachwood, include a Play Tales card with story and game ideas, as well as a Play Manual for parents.

And the 2 in 1 Stacking Game Lolo’s Funny Autoboat turns the box into a playset. The set features a wooden vehicle that can be used as a boat or flipped over and used as a car. There’s space on both sides for Lolo the elephant to ride. Little ones can stack the three wooden blocks on the boat and add the wooden flagpole with crinkly fabric flag inside. But kids can experiment with other ways to use the wooden blocks, guided by parents reading the story and game ideas on the Play Tales card. This toy is also made from FSC-certified beechwood.

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All of these toys are really cute, and because they are made of wood, they have a classic look. Parents looking for toys made from sustainable materials will appreciate the eco-friendly aspect of Bababoo and Friends toys. And little ones will just enjoy playing with these toys, developing fine motor skills and their imaginations along the way.


Made from sustainable materials
Helps develop fine motor skills
Play Tales cards inspire parent/child play
Encourage imaginative play



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