My Fairy Garden Light Unicorn Paradise Review

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Editor's Review

The My Fairy Garden is a toy that’s also a real, live garden! This set is just like the others, but with a unicorn theme! Includes the seeds, soil, gardening tools, and the two figures; Dahlia and Celeste and the playset. Plant the seeds all around the house and even atop the rocky area and watch the unicorn paradise bloom. You may want to mix your own soil with the Fairy Seed Starter to add nutrients to your garden and improve growing results. Add just enough water so that it’s moist and no water is sitting at the bottom. More instructions on how to care for your garden are in the instructions. Once done, add any decorations or accessories you want! Switch on the “on” button and the rainbow will turn on. Press the bottom to activate the rainbow, play music, and LED lights. The rainbow also has a built in sensor on the cloud that can detect motion nearby. It will automatically activate and play music with synchronized lights.

My Fairy Garden Light Unicorn Paradise

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You can add your own seeds to this set too. You can play with your garden and decorate your new garden anyway you want!

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